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Creating new original monotypes is at the heart of my artistic practice. It's my unique way of "painting" without a brush. Pro

Inspired by the Lakes

There are some natural places that are deeply inspiring and evoke a sense of awe at their magnificent beauty. Earlier this summer, I was in the Lake District and enjoyed this stunning view from Wastwater on a sublime summer's evening. There was a lot of cloud and rain during our week there which made this particular evening seem like a precious gift. It can be difficult for me as a busy Mum to get time to draw out of doors but, with the children happily occupied paddling and scambling over the lakeside rocks, I got my sketching things out and went to work. Here's a short video of me at work: On the left is Yewbarrow, in the centre Great Gable and on the right, Lingmell, rising up towards Sca

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Photographs by Alun Calendar for Country Living and Kate Buckingham for Hexham Courant