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Fields and Furrows

A Silver Lining, Roseberry Topping will be on display Fields and Furrows is the title of my forthcoming exhibition at the Inspired By gallery in The Moors National Park Centre in Danby in North Yorkshire YO21 2NB. The exhibition runs from 1st until 24th September 2018 10 am to 4 pm each day and features 10 of my original prints and a selection of giclee prints and cards. If you live in the area or are passing through, do drop in and take a look. I’ll be there on Saturday 1st September 2 - 4 pm to welcome visitors. Two other artists and a textile group are taking part: Threading through the Moors Diverse Threads is a group of York-based artists with a passion for textiles. They each address t

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Photographs by Alun Calendar for Country Living and Kate Buckingham for Hexham Courant