The tall format of this etchings allowed me to include all my favourite landscape elements. There's a child-like delight in including all these features even if it's not realistic. There's even a little tractor busy ploughing! As I've raised my own children I've been influenced by children's book illustration which often doesn't concern itself with realism and traditional perspective in favour of finding the fun in a subject.

This etching was created on two copper plates - tiny grooves and pits were made on each using a variety of resists and ferric chloride. Both plates are inked up in several colours then wiped back carefully before being printed onto damp paper on a traditional etching press (a bit like a mangle if you can remember mangles!) One plate is printed then removed and the second plate is printed on the paper over the top of the first. The plates are inked and printed by hand for every print in the edition.

A Time of Plenty etching framed


Etching on Hahnemuhle paper
Image size 50 x 18 cm
Framed size 71 x 38 cm
Signed and numbered on the front
Edition 50


The frame is solid oak with no finish - just beautiful natural wood. It is ready to hang with d-rings and string attached. It is very well packed in a spacious box with padding all round.


UK shipping £15

I'm sorry I can't send framed prints internationally but please see the same print mounted which can be shipped worldwide.

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Photographs by Alun Calendar for Country Living and Kate Buckingham for Hexham Courant