I've wanted to make a piece of work about birch trees for a long time but it's taken a lot of thought to come up with a unique way of depicting them using my unusual printing methods. I simplified the trees to their bare essentials and built up layers of colour to give a sense of recession.

The original was a monotype - a unique printed painting. I use rollers and dabbers to spread out the ink then make marks with a cloth and other tools. I incorporate textured materials by impressing inked up wallpaper and fabric.

This giclee reproduction is made to the highest standards on high quality paper. The accuracy of colour to the original is first rate.


Available framed, mounted or unmounted 
If you can't select an option it's out of stock and will be back in soon.


Mounted option: it comes with an acid free soft white window mount and backing board. Cellophane wrapped and carefully flat-packed in a strong cardboard box. 
UK shipping £8


Framed option: The frame is solid oak, just beautiful natural wood 3cm (front) x 2cm (side) . It has an acid free soft white window mount. Ready to hang with d-rings and string attached. It is very well packed in a spacious box with padding all round.
UK shipping £15


Unmounted option: It comes wrapped in tissue and plastic. For UK it will be flat-packed in a box with a strong board. For international, it will be rolled in a wide strong tube. UK shipping £8

March of the Birch giclée print