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Questions about prints

  • What is a giclée print? Giclée printing is a fine art digital process combining pigment based inks with high quality archival paper to achieve reproduction prints that are stable and light fast. They can also be called Archival Pigment Prints. Read more here

  • What is a monotype? A monotype, aka monoprint a is essentially a hand-printed painting. It's just as unique as a painting but transferred from a printing board to paper. The board is smooth acrylic with no permanent marks or indentations. Read more here. Watch videos

  • What is an etching? Etching is a traditional printmaking process involving a chemical reaction to make grooves on a copper plate. The plate is inked up and printed by hand for every print in the edition. Read more here. Watch videos

  • Will my print fade? All my prints and originals are made with the best quality materials and fade-resistant inks to stand the test of time. No one has ever told me that their print has faded. You should never put any artwork in direct sunlight. For prints on paper, I'd also advise keeping away from high humidity areas like the bathroom.

  • What's the difference between an original print and a reproduction print? An original print is one that is conceived of as a printed artwork by the artist from the beginning i.e. it is not a copy of a pre-existing artwork. My etchings and monotypes are original prints. A reproduction print is a printed copy of an artwork. My giclée prints are high quality reproduction limited editions prints. You can read more about different types of print in my Guide to Collecting Prints

  • Are you able to take on commissions? Sadly, no, because the monotype medium is very unpredicatable and there's a certain amount of serendipity involved so working to a brief doesn't really suit me.

Questions about shipping

  • Can you ship to international destinations? Yes, I ship to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Shipping will be calculated as you go through the checkout. Sorry, I don't have other destinations set up at present.

  • Will I have to pay customs duties and taxes? Orders going to Europe, Canada and New Zealand may have duty and taxes to pay on arrival. Customs will contact you to pay before the parcel can be delivered. So far there have been no duties/tax for USA and Australia.

  • How quickly will be my order be dispatched? Most orders are dispatched within 3 working days and often more quickly. If your item is out of stock, it may take up to 2 weeks. Please tell me if your order is urgent as I can sometimes fast-track an item.

  • Will my order be tracked? All prints and originals are tracked. I will send you the tracking link. You may also get text and email alerts. Greetings cards are not tracked.

  • How long will it take to deliver my order? Most framed items to UK destinations are sent next day although it can sometimes take a little longer. Mounted pictures take 2-3 days (UK). International orders can vary quite a bit depending on the service we choose. Prints and originals can take 2-7 working days. Greetings cards can take 5-10 days. Around Christmas time, it can take longer.

  • How can you send frames with glass by courier? My husband has developed a bespoke packing system for framed art that gives it a very high degree of protection. The picture is strapped face down to a strong board and that is placed in the centre of a strong purpose-built box with packing all round. We haven't had a breakage in a long time.

    Very large pictures are sent with a specialist art and antiques courier. The drivers are trained in art handling. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as they only collect from my area once a week.

  • Do you offer click and collect? Yes, you can collect your artwork from my studio in Horsley, near Newcastle upon Tyne. At the website checkout, enter your delivery address and then the delivery options will come up. It's a bit counter-intuitive!

Questions about returns

  • My aim is to make you very happy with your new artwork and enjoy it for many years to come!

  • What happens if my picture arrives damaged? If your order arrives damaged, which is very unlikely given our track record, you have 28 days to return the item in the original packaging. You can either request an identical replacement or a full refund. Read more in my Returns Policy

  • Can I return my item if it's not suitable? Yes, the same 28 day returns policy applies as above. (It's only happened once in 10 years of online shopping!)

  • Will I have to pay to return the item? No. We will send you a label by email and make arrangements for a courier to collect it so there's nothing for you to pay!

  • How do I return an item? Just give me a ring on 07717 256169 as soon as you know there's a problem and I'll talk you through what happens next. I'll send you a pre-paid label to stick on your parcel. You can choose from having it collected from your home or dropping it off yourself at a nearby collection point.

Questions about custom orders

  • Can you make me a larger or smaller print to fit my space? Yes I can. You can find out more about this service on my special orders page

  • How long does a custom order take? About 2-4 weeks depending on if it needs framing.

  • Is it more expensive to get a custom print? No prices for custom prints are the same size for size as those listed in my shop.

Questions from printmakers

  • What paper do you print on for monotypes? I print on BFK Rives cotton rag paper 250g/m2.

  • What inks do you use for monotypes? They are oil-based Stay Open Inks from Hawthorn Printmaker Supplies

  • What inks do you use for etchings? I use French 88 etching inks from T N Lawrence and etching ink from Intaglio Printmaker which are compatible oil-based inks

  • Do you damp the paper before printing monotypes? Yes I damp down the paper for each layer of ink as it makes the paper more soft and supple.

  • Does the ink need to be dry before you print the next layer? Yes, it needs to be completely dry. Sometimes I add a small amount of driers ink additive to ensure a reasonable drying time (usually overnight but can take as long as a week)

  • Where do you buy your printmaking materials? I mainly use Hawthorn Printmaker Supplies, T N Lawrence, Intaglio Printmaker and R K Burt for paper.

  • Where should I buy an etching press? This is a serious investment and you should do your research very carefully. Don't be tempted to buy a cheap one as it will almost certainly not give the pressure you want and be difficult to use. Mine is a Bewick etching press. These are no longer made but occasionally come up second-hand. There's a Facebook group for printmaking equipment. For buying new, I recommend Hawthorn Presses in the UK. They combine a sturdy build with a reasonable price for an individual maker. (No, I'm not on commission!) Harry Rochat presses are excellent but a higher price. They are very strong and suitable for an art department in a school or college. They also trade in second-hand presses.

  • Can I print monotypes/monoprints without a press? You certainly can! The results will be different but used creatively, you can get very delicate and interesting results. The trace monotype method I use for my trees doesn't require a press. You can also rub on the back of the paper to print using a spoon or Japanese baren. Secure your paper well with tape to prevent movement during the printing process. Gelli-plate printing is a great water-based table-top alternative. There are some great explainer videos on YouTube for it.

Questions about careers in art

  • What advice do you have for someone starting out as an artist? There are lots of different ways to have a career as an artist. Selling your work in galleries and online is one option out of many possible career pathways. My advice is to find your passion and follow it relentlessly. Be prepared to spend a long time developing your own style and honing your skills. Develop a portfolio of work you can show to people that is a distinctive collection. There are some great blogs out there to help you. Sign up for Artsy Shark emails and read the huge range of articles on the site.

  • Can you make money as an artist? Yes you can! It isn't easy to begin with and I had a very low income for a while but if you are determined and arm yourself with knowledge about the business of art as well as the making of art, there are lots of possibilities. For some people, having a steady income in a different area helps them to feel more secure and explore their interests without too much pressure to earn. Sometimes your side hustle can become your main career!

  • How do you sell your work online? That's a big question and I haven't got space to write about it in detail here! Briefly, there's an art to marketing and selling online and you need a lot of different IT skills as well as writing about your work well and photographing it well. There are so many online resources for this. Spend time training yourself on how to do it. This is a Wix website and the Wix e-commerce blog has been a great source of information and training for me. I also recommend My Golden Words blog and podcast by Mckenna Hallett.

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