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This powerful glowing sky would bring drama to any room! I do love making these big sunset skies and have made many attempts the capture this glowing embers look. I called it The Ascent because it seemed to me that the group of trees were like a windswept family bravely ascending the mountain! This takes me back to some rather hair-raising mountain ascents with my father who is a keen mountaineer. Sometimes the walk would be so long, the sun would be going down as we returned!


The original for this is a monotype, a unique printed painting. I use rollers and dabbers to spread out the ink then make marks with a cloth and other tools. I incorporate textured materials by impressing inked up wallpaper and fabric.


This is a reproduction canvas print on a wood "stretcher".

Here are some answers to questions people ask about this type of print.


  • Can canvas prints be framed? Yes, you can purchase this canvas print with a floating frame (no glass) in either oak veneer (with a dark interior) or dark brown wood effect.
  • Is it limited edition? Yes – it will be part of the existing edition of 100
  • Will it be signed? Yes it will be signed and numbered on the back as there’s no discrete way to sign the front.
  • Are the colours a good match to the original? Yes, just like my paper prints, the colours have been carefully matched to the original.
  • Will it stand the test of time? Yes, the canvas and inks are archival quality with a protective varnish (not shiny). The canvas is Innova Exhibition Matte Canvas 380gsm with pigment inks.
  • Will I lose some of the picture round the sides? No, the printer samples the image to create borders that match seamlessly with the front face.
  • How do I clean it? You can dust it with a soft clean dry cloth or wipe gently with a damp cloth.
  • How do I hang it on the wall? D rings and string are attached just like for a regular picture. If it’s a large one you’ll need to put two picture hooks for stability.

The Ascent canvas print

  • Limited edition canvas print
  • Pigment inks on Innova Exhibition Matte Canvas 380gsm
  • Unframed size 24 x 36 inches, 38mm deep
  • Framed size 26.5 x 38.5 inches 50mm deep
  • Signed, titled and numbered on the back
  • edition 100
  • Ready to hang with d-rings and string attached
  • Very well packed in a spacious box with packing material all round



UK shipping £15 - £30

This item can be shipped internationally (unframed)
I currently ship to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand . Please get in touch for other destinations. Please go through the checkout to see delivery cost.

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