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Create a wish list!

I've added wish lists to my website to make it easier for you to select artwork for your home. Customers are always telling me that they find it hard to choose - there are so many they like! By creating a wish list, you can see all your favourites in one place and whittle down your choices.

To get started, click on any of the heart icons in my shop pages (see above) and you'll receive a prompt to become a member - all you need is a name, email address and password. Then you'll be able to add more items to your list.

To view your wish list, just click on "Log In" or your name at the top right of any page (see above). You'll find the wish list in the drop down menu. It looks like this (see below):

From there, you can view your selection, delete items (little cross) and "Add to basket" to make your purchase. As a member of my website, there's lots more you can do when you're logged in: save your addresses securely, comment on blog posts and view your previous orders (handy for greetings cards). If you want to, you can add a photo so I'll recognise you when you comment!

On mobile phones, it looks quite similar:

Whether you're an email subscriber, or new to my website, I encourage you to join my online community by signing up as a member and start your wish list. You'll be all prepared when the next birthday, anniversary, retirement present comes along!

Sign up for my emails in the footer below. You'll be among the first to see new artwork and get notifications when I have a new blog post.




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