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New originals are here!

Rebecca Vincent Bulrushes Heron monotype painting landscape art pond countryside

Beyond the Bulrushes (now SOLD) Prints available - just ask

In my last blog, I shared my work in progress on monotype paintings with varied themes and colours. I'm happy to announce that these original monotypes are now complete and ready for sale. Click on an image for size and price details or go to my monotypes shop page.

Beyond the Bulrushes (above) was a particularly complex print involving at least 9 layers of colour and a collaged shape for the heron. After my last blog, one of my most loyal followers and a keen collector came to the studio to see it. After a couple of emails, she bought this piece and it's currently being framed for her. It's a joy to know that this piece has already found a home where it will be loved and appreciated!

Rebecca Vincent landscape art field of poppies poppy sunset cottage scotland painting

Sea of Poppies - click for more details

In this poppy field landscape I was varying my usual red colour scheme in order to give the idea of back lighting from a low summer sun. The cottage and hills look like Scotland but it's an imagined landscape, as are all of these, rather than a particular place.

Rebecca Vincent northumberland landscape art poppy field poppies summer monotype painting

Scarlet Season - click for more details

The poppies here blend magenta and deep (letterbox) red to give that knock out colour punch. I've learned that by using two or three colours to express one colour in nature, I can give a more natural look: an equivalent to how light falls on objects and gives a range of tints.

Rebecca Vincent seascape painting dawn sunrise rosy fingered dawn odyssey sea

Rosy Fingered Dawn

(Epithet from Homer's Odyssey)

click for more details

These two seascapes used a completely new colour palette of translucent vermillion and magenta overprinted with greys and mauves. The result glows softly and has an air of tranquility.

Rebecca Vincent seascape art sunrsie dawn pink clouds rocky islands painting

The Day's New Born - click for more details

Rebecca Vincent seascape painting sea arch waves on sand monotype painting dawn sky

The Way Through - click for more details

I'm always on the look out for a good sea arch and I have seen photographs of ones that look a little like this. The framing of the light beyond has a symbolic power as well as being a great focus for the composition. Expect to see more sea arches in the future. Any Durdle Door fans out there? (a notable sea arch on the Dorset coast) Watch this space...

These original monotypes will be offered initially to my email subscribers. Sign up to my list to be among the first to find out about new work.




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