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Bigger than ever before!

Guiding Light Bow Fiddle Rock sea arch scotland original painting by artist Rebecca Vincent

I've been working on some new extra-large original monotypes. These are printed in layers of coloured ink from a smooth piece of plastic. I'd like to share with you the first three to be completed. If you're interested in making a purchase, please get in touch by phone or email. Scroll down for sizes and prices.

The new originals are all different in style and subject matter. Sometimes I work in a thematic series but this time I wanted to explore new ideas and experience the scale before undertaking a longer series. It's one of the joys of printmaking that you can constantly innovate.

These are the biggest hand-made prints I've ever worked on. They're the maximum size that will fit on my printing press - image size 74 x 51 cm. Working large poses new challenges: a composition that looks great on a small scale can seem weak when attempted at a large scale. So I created these compositions with impact at a larger size in mind.

Guiding Light (top)

This powerful composition centres on the light glimpsed through a sea arch - a favourite motif of mine. This little patch of light is a magnet to the eye - the whole composition is constructed around it. Bow Fiddle Rock is a real place off the north-east coast of Scotland. I looked at a lot of different images of this natural feature, then created my own interpretation that I hope distills what's important and visually exciting about it. I don't usually show shadows in my work but this time I did to emphasize the strong back-lighting of sunset. The extraordinary geology of the rocks gave me licence to use my pattern making techniques to represent the tilted strata.

Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep monotype painting original print by UK landscape artist Rebecca Vincent

With this piece I tried something completely new to me. I've often created woodland compositions but this was the first with reflections. There was a satisfying symmetry in the flooded forest idea that I was keen to represent - it required careful planning! I deliberately emphasized the abstract qualities of the dark bars of the tree trunks against the light. Flashes of colour indicate refracted light bouncing off the water. The thinner branches were drawn strongly using the transfer monotype technique. I hope to return to this theme and develop it some more.

Stand by Me

The trees clinging onto the craggy hillside against a powerful sky is a perennial favourite for me and my customers. By taking it to a larger scale I could really unleash powerful mark-making and intense patterned detail. The video below shows the final stages of the textures being printed. I smiled as I drew the trees, knowing that they are often personified by the viewer. The larger one seems to support the smaller and they reach out to one another. Against adversity, they stand together!

These three originals are available to purchase now by subscribers to my email list.

They are currently unframed and can be sent internationally.

  • Price unframed/unmounted £695 plus p&p

  • Price double mounted and wrapped £725 plus p&p

  • Price framed in oak with double mount £850 plus delivery by art/antiques courier UK

  • Image size 51 x 74cm, mounted size 72 x 94cm, approx framed size 78 x 100cm

Just get in touch by phone on +447717 256169 or email with your preferences and location and I'll confirm the delivery costs.

Feel free to comment and let me know which is your favourite and what you'd like to see more of.




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