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Gardens to soothe the soul

Well, they've been a long time coming but I'm pleased to unveil my new large garden compositions. I think I did the drawings for these in February and have been working on them, off and on, ever since. They are monotypes and the one above has collaged flowers that are also monoprinted.

You can find out more about the creation of these pieces in two of my previous blog posts:

Up the Garden Path has a making-of video for Morning Light

Flower Power shows the drawings for these pieces and has a video of printing the flower shapes

Known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques, a monotype is essentially a hand-printed painting. The appeal of the monotype lies in its unique translucency that creates a quality of light very different from a painting. The spontaneity of mark-making and layering of printing inks creates a surface that is unlike any other art medium.

Detail of Golden Hour

The inspiration for these pieces comes from our garden and allotment. We live in the city but the allotment site is like a little piece of the country. If I go there on a summer's evening, most people have gone home and it is the most tranquil place - a real haven from the busyness and anxieties of life. With the golden evening light behind the tall flowers, it feels a very special place: a veritable Garden of Eden.

Detail of Golden Hour

I've been rolling the idea around in my head for a long time but gardens are complicated things so it's taken a while to come up with a design for a wider scene. I've used plants and flowers in the forground of my landscapes before. You may remember Reach for The Sky which is now available as a limited edition print.

The two garden originals are now available for sale. Just get in touch by phone +447717 256269 or email if you are interested. They can be mounted and framed - see frame sample below. You can collect from my studio or they can be sent by courier. I use an art courier for large framed works (UK only for framed). Unmounted originals can be sent to the US.

Detail of Morning Light

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Detail of Morning Light

Detail of Morning Light

Rebecca Vincent oak frame
The frame is solid oak, just beautiful natural wood 3cm (front) x 2cm (side) . It has an acid free double window mount and art glass for UV protection and greatly reduced reflections. Ready to hang with d-rings and string attached.




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