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Inspired by the Lakes

There are some natural places that are deeply inspiring and evoke a sense of awe at their magnificent beauty. Earlier this summer, I was in the Lake District and enjoyed this stunning view from Wastwater on a sublime summer's evening. There was a lot of cloud and rain during our week there which made this particular evening seem like a precious gift.

It can be difficult for me as a busy Mum to get time to draw out of doors but, with the children happily occupied paddling and scambling over the lakeside rocks, I got my sketching things out and went to work. Here's a short video of me at work:

On the left is Yewbarrow, in the centre Great Gable and on the right, Lingmell, rising up towards Scafell Pike which is out of sight. Needless to say, we were not the only family enjoying the lovely evening beside the lake!

Here's the finished sketch which I am sure will lead to a new monotype painting. I will change and simplify the image to make a balanced composition in my own style.

On another day we walked beside a stream leading away from the village of Wasdale Head. It was very picturesque (photo above) but we got absolutely soaked and had to recover in the warm village pub with lovely hot food!

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