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Variations on a theme

Ploughed Field landscape painting by Northumberland artist Rebecca Vincent monoprinting

"Down to Earth" original monotype - click image for more info NOW SOLD

Now you may be thinking that I've made pictures like this before and you'd be right! This simple composition that suggests a ploughed field has been in my range for a while now. It's also the most popular image with you, my lovely audience. So, in creating more to meet demand, I took the opportunity to really hone the colour palette and the way the colours and patterns interact. It's more complicated than it may seem!

When I began this style of multi-colour monotype printing, the interactions between the layers were fairly random and I would enjoy serendipitous combinations. But as time went on, I became less satisfied with this as there would also be areas that weren't working as well or where the colours would become muddied. Over the years, I've made detailed colour notes, recording samples of colour and how I mixed the ink. I'll make a note any time something good happens so I can repeat it in a more intentional way next time.

Rebecca Vincent ploughed field patterns winter trees art painting red green textures

Grounded original monotype - click image for more info and to purchase

It's not easy to get a particular result when you're working in reverse in layers and don't see the finished result until you peel it off the press! As with all things that take practice and dexterity, I improved over the years and continue to experiment. With these three ploughed fields, I really limited the number of colours and tried different proportions of the same colours to see how just that can change the outcome. The one above I added a little lime green to see if that would give me a new contrast.

Land Lines ploughed field monotype painting North East artist Rebecca Vincent trees fields

Land Lines original monotype - click image for more info - NOW SOLD

What really interested me is that the areas that have the most vitality are the ones where the colours are changing on two levels. It seems that the eye is more satisfied with a variation than a constant, if that makes sense. Anyway, I tried to include more of these dual contrasts. Let me know what you think of the results in the comments below.

People often ask me what the patterns signify - is it like roots or geology below the ground or agricultural land marks? All on these and none! When I'm working, my focus is just on colour and pattern and creating a beautiful surface that relates to patterns in nature. But by tapering the strips and drawing the tress, I can give a sense of perspective so, in that sense, it's more self-consciously a field with ploughed lines. The patterns I choose come from textured materials that I find; I try to use ones that are more organic and fit in with my landscape theme.

Two trees craggy hillside sunset orange red geology patterns Rebecca Vincent Northumberland painting

Stand Firm original monotype - click image for more info and to purchase

This large original monotype (above) continues the theme of isolated trees on a craggy landscape.The sky has four layers of colour so that it really builds from light to shade for a brooding atmosphere. I must confess to deliberately choosing to do two trees as a simple metaphor for a relationship that's stood the test of time!

Rebecca Vincent tree line painting geology patterns red blue red earth Northumberland art

From Earth to Heaven original monotype - click image for more info and to purchase

With the wavy stripes going horizontally, this large piece is more suggestive of geology with many layers descending below the trees. I'm pleased with the sky here which is fresh and natural with two light layers or colour.

These original monotypes are now available for sale. Click on any image to see size and price details and for framing options.

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