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Ploughing On: video + new originals

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I’m delighted to be able to show you my latest originals and share a video of the making of these monotypes to give you an insight into the process of creation.

If you saw last month’s article, you’ll know that I’ve been working on a series of “ploughed” fields. This has been a favourite theme of mine and one that really resonates with my collectors.

This simple composition idea still holds a lot of interest for me as I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of the number of colour and seasonal variations. With this series I set out to re-capitulate some of my favourite colour combinations and develop a new purple/lime green palette.

I documented the process with my video camera to help you understand how I make my monotypes and to show that they really are unique works of art like paintings.

The one at the top uses a red-ochre/pale blue combination which has a lovely natural look and integrates the blues of the skies. I’m always finding new textures to incorporate – the snakeskin pattern is one of these. I’m hoping it reads more as more stoney than snakey!

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This red/orange combination is a customer favourite. Do tell me the reasons why in the comments. There seems to be something about warm colours that is both stimulating to the eyes and comforting like a warm hearth. I tried over-printing the patterns this time which gives it a slightly different look. As I work, I’m always experimenting and trying new things.

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This is the new magenta-lime green palette which I’m liking but want to develop to include more varied shades of red.

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This lone tree returns to the “North Yorkshire” palette I developed a couple of years ago. These colours suggest heather, moss, rocks and reference a limestone pavement. The craggy sky line suits a lonely tree defiant against the elements!

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Moving into the spring season here, this bluebell woodland with the sun streaming through the trees is a re-working, in a square format, of the larger bluebell piece I made earlier this year that was received so well by you.

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Finally, a meadow with poppies. As you know, I do these more summery pictures from time to time. I wanted to incorporate more varied shades of red and orange to give light and variety. I’d bought some new more opaque inks that were perfect for this.

These original monotype paintings are now available for sale through my website and studio. Click on any image to see prices and sizes. Please get in touch if you have any more questions about framing etc.

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