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Over the Moon

Rebecca Vincent night sky seascape painting monotype Outer Hebrides
Reach for the Moon - original monotype. Image size 32 x 76 cm, framed size 55 x 97cm. NOW SOLD - prints can be ordered

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I've been working on a series of seascapes in monotype. It's one of my favourite subjects. Another is the sky at night. So what would happen if I combined the seascape theme with night skies? (Boom - Eureka moment!) So here are my two latest creations. They are available to purchase now - just get in touch by email or phone +447717256169.

The first one - above - is purely imaginative but loosely relates to the Outer Hebrides. The light from the moon sparkles on the water. We've had some fabulous full moons recently on clear nights where it seems unbelieveably close. The one on 17th January was called a Wolf Moon, which sounds pretty cool. (Should've done a wolf howling in front of the moon!) This image has a much more peaceful feeling.

There are several different colours for the stars - it's a layer of ink underneath the main blues and purples of the sky - watch the video below to see some of the key moments in the creation of this piece. There are lots more videos on my YouTube channel. There's a voice-over on this one.

Rebecca Vincent night sky monotype detail
This detail shows the crisp edges of the headlands and rocks which I created using torn paper stencils. I just use clean newsprint - the more jagged the better.

My second piece returns to Dunstanburgh Castle on the North East coast - a well known Northumberland landmark. A crescent moon hangs over the ruins of the castle and moonlight dances on the water as the final colours of sunset slip away. I'm really pleased with how all these elements came together. It might not be possible in real life to see all these features in a single view but this is not a realistic image but an imaginative idea. Thanks goodness for artistic licence!

Rebecca Vincent night sky seascape painting monotype Dunstanburgh Castle Northumberland UK
Moonlight, Dunstanburgh Castle Image size 32 x 76 cm, framed size 55 x 97cm. Unmounted £800, mounted £825, framed £950

Detail showing stars and moon seen from the side
Detail of water splashes on the rocks

These originals can be purchased unmounted, mounted or framed (with a double mount and art glass). You can choose a black or oak frame.

Unframed originals can be sent by courier to UK and USA. Framed originals are sent by specialist art courier (£60 - UK only) You can also collect from my studio.

Email subscribers get first pick of new originals so be sure to sign up if you want to receive notifications of when new work is available. The form is in the footer below.




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